Family Gift Idea for Special Occasions

Its easy to get stumped when your holiday or special occasion shopping includes buying gifts for a family. Instead of buying the same things year after year, try some of these ideas for family gift ideas that are truly distinctive.

Any gift that involves food is a great choice when you don't know what to give. Some family gift ideas include a fruit basket or fruit bouquet, a gourmet collection of chocolates, candy, jams, crackers, and cheeses. Consider also a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

The gift of a full meal is ideal during events when the family does not have time to cook, such as with the arrival of a new baby or a move to a new home. You can sign the family up for a service that delivers frozen meals every week. Local restaurants often offer take-out or delivery, which the family will appreciate. You can also opt to cook some special meals for them.

The arrival of a new baby or a move to a new house also inspires other gift-giving ideas. Because those joyous times can also be stressful, any gift that saves time or offers convenience is truly meaningful. Sign the family up for a cleaning service or offer your own babysitting or house cleaning services. You can make tickets for such service on your computer, then print them up and place them in a small gift bag.

When a new baby arrives, dont forget small gifts for older siblings and mom and dad, too. Great family gift ideas for young siblings include small toys or books about being a big brother or sister. Give weary parents a chance to escape with a good book or video during quiet times. Pampering items for a new mom are good gifts, too. Bubble bath or bath salts, perfume and other beauty items offer a bit of relaxation. Wrap the gifts in soft pastel paper and place them in a pretty basket.

A thoughtful housewarming gift can personalize a new home. A new or antique piece of furniture, a personalized mailbox, clock, or framed picture are some housewarming gift ideas.

These are just some family gift ideas that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come.

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